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We use constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to produce tangible and undeniable results for all levels of fitness.


In this program you will run, row, bike, jump as well as use light to moderate weights. You will be taught proper mechanics; develop core strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Our classes are small on purpose so that our coaches can really get to know you and your goals. We want the 60 minutes that you spend at Remade to be the best hour of your day. You will receive a comprehensive health assessment and personal nutritional coaching from our on staff clinical dietician. If you have been inactive for a while or if you are looking to challenge yourself, this is the class for you.


In MOVE we believe that our core directly relates to our posture and our bodies’ ability to find and use the right muscles when we move. In this class, you will develop core strength, , learn to protect your back , create good mechanical habits and be efficient with every movement in your daily life, all in a fun, judge-free environment. If you have been inactive for a while or are becoming interested in exercise for the first time ever, this is the class for you!


Our teens class is approximately 45 minutes long and focuses on true core strength, engaging the posterior chain while maintaining mid line stabilization. This membership will develop skills that can be transferred over to any athletic field, court or mat.


Designed for those athletes looking to gain strength in the area of squats, deadlifts and presses. This is usually done above and beyond than what is attained in our daily WOD classes. A schedule will be provided soon.


This class will promote healing, flexibility, and relaxation. The main focus is the client’s needs. The modalities that are offered include: Swedish, Medical, and Deep Tissue Massages. Each session is 1-hour long starting at $50 and it is available on Saturdays and Sundays. This service is also mobile, so we will come to you, or you can schedule a time at our Box!

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